Hi, I’m Marie and welcome to my blog!  Here you will find loads of information about vegan and green beauty and lifestyle.  I love stuff that is: Vegan, Cruelty-free, Natural, Budget-friendly, Organic, Plastic-free, Zero-waste, Local, Small Biz, Handmade, Sustainable, Recyclable, Fair Trade, Allergen-free, GMO free, Nano free, and Palm Oil free.  Oh and if possible: looks pretty, smells nice, and actually works!

I rarely find products that are all of these things – but the more boxes a product ticks, the better!

Let the quest begin!


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3 Simple Changes That Make Your Kitchen Greener

3 Simple Changes That Make Your Kitchen Greener

Collaborative post Reducing your impact on the environment often starts in the kitchen. The production of dairy and meat products creates so many carbon emissions and uses up so many resources so if you want to reduce the impact that you have on the planet, it’s the best place to start. But you should always be looking for more ways to live a greener lifestyle […]

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Plastic Free and Zero Waste Makeup from Lush

Plastic Free and Zero Waste Makeup from Lush

Although I am quite early on in my plastic free journey, I realised quite quickly that beauty products were going to be a hard area to crack down on.  Although I have already started to look for plastic free and zero waste options, I still have a loooong way to go.  So I was super excited to see the release recently of Lush’s plastic free […]

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5 Easy Plastic Free Swaps

5 Easy Plastic Free Swaps

Going plastic free feels amazing! Like a lot of people I’ve had a reusable water bottle and shopping bag for ages but up until recently I would often forget them when going out.  It’s only in the last few months that I’ve gotten serious about it and have decided to go as plastic free as possible, one step at a time.  With Plastic Free July […]

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