100% Natural and Vegan Products at Lush

Do you love Lush but are frustrated by their use of synthetic ingredients?  Then read on for my handy list of 100% natural and vegan products at Lush!


My love affair with Lush


I love Lush.  Let’s just get that out there, I love it, love it, love it.  But it’s a controversial topic isn’t it, in the green consumer world?  Because for all their fabulous eco-policies, Lush does not generally make 100% natural products.  In fact, some of their products are made of at least half synthetic ingredients.  I struggle with this fact, but the love wins out and I’ll tell you why.


Yes they have lots of vegan products, are cruelty-free and have excellent packaging and eco policies and that is definitely a part of why I love them but its not the biggest part.  It’s Lush’s ‘vibe’ that I love most if that make sense.


I love the bright colours, the fun, the hippy element, the activism, the innovation, the staff that are always so genuinely nice, and of course the lovely, lovely smell!  It’s just a completely different shopping experience from anything else on the high-street.


I first came across Lush when I moved to London for university.  It was quite literally a haven for me, a place that I truly identified with as I made my way out into the big wide world.  A few years later, when I became vegan it was one of my go-to happy, vegan-friendly places back when there weren’t many of those around.


I left London about 15 years ago, and although I still ordered Lush online, it wasn’t the same.  I missed the store experience and whenever I visited London I would always use the opportunity to go to a Lush shop.  Then, about 5 years ago ish??? (I’m guessing, I’m so crap at judging time) a Lush store opened in a town just 20 minutes away from me 😀


But things change…..


But by this time I was much more picky about the sort of products I buy.  Definitely a 100% natural girl where at all possible – looking at Lush’s products with these new eyes was a bit of a shock.  I had always thought of Lush as a natural brand in my giddy, inexperienced student days but actually almost all of their products contain synthetic ingredients.


But I couldn’t give up on my love.  I started buying some old favourites because I couldn’t help myself but it wasn’t the same, I didn’t really feel comfortable using them anymore.  Sometimes I’d just go in the shop to look around, soak in the Lush experience and, er, leave (so sad).  So what to do?


Lush’s policies and ethos


Now, I just want to say here that Lush definitely favours natural ingredients over synthetic and puts a lot of work into minimising their use of synthetic ingredients – Lush Kitchen is a great example and 65% of Lush’s products over all are self-preserving.


I also applaud their labelling policies and the fact that online they list synthetic ingredients in black and natural ingredients in green which makes it super easy for you to see what their products are made from.  I think I probably buy products with small amounts of synthetics in from other brands without even realising because the odd synthetic ingredient can get lost in the long list of natural ones on a tiny label.


Also, many of Lush’s products contain only minimal synthetic ingredients that truth be told are probably harmless and I intend to look up each synthetic ingredient that Lush uses on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic’s Database to double check.  There may be some extra Lush goodies that I feel good using after this further research!


In exciting news, Lush has recently removed Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) from some of it’s soaps and are working to remove palm oil completely from their supply chain.  Lush continuously works to develop more packaging-free products and hope to be plastic-free in the future.  In the meantime all their plastic tubs are made from recycled plastic and can be recycled in store when empty.


Lush does state that all the synthetic ingredients they use are ‘safe synthetics’ and I’m sure they are by industry standards, but I have definitely seen some ingredients that set off alarm bells for me.  I don’t like using any ingredients, synthetic or otherwise, that have even a hint of concern about them so I will definitely need to do a bit more research for my own peace of mind there.


100% natural (and vegan) products at Lush – the list!


After an obsessive, detailed trawl of Lush’s website, here are Lush’s 100% natural gems 🙂


This list is from Lush’s permanent product collection and does not include Lush Kitchen products as these obviously change all the time


Ultrabalm/Vegelene – multi-purpose balm

Wiccy Magic Muscles – massage bar

Therapy (organic) – massage bar

Each Peach (and Two’s a Pair) – massage bar

Angels on Bare Skin – cleanser

Herbalism – cleanser

Bb Seaweed – face mask

Full of Grace – facial serum

Lip Barrier – non-colour lip crayon to prevent lipstick bleeding/smudging (can also be used as a makeup primer!)

All Henna Hair Dyes


(Note: This list is true at time of writing and based on my own scouring of Lush’s website.  If I have missed any products, please let me know!)