100% Vegan Supermarkets

You can get vegan products in a lot of shops, supermarkets and websites now, which is absolutely fantastic!  But there are now some 100% vegan supermarkets around that are definitely worth a look.  Just like I like I prefer to buy makeup from a 100% vegan brand, I do love shopping at a 100% vegan shop!  All of these supermarkets deliver across the UK.  Check these out:

The Eco Collective

The largest, 100% vegan, online supermarket in the world!  They stock ethically sourced, sustainable food, health, personal and household products.  What is extra fantastic about this supermarket is that every product is discounted, and the bigger their community of customers gets, the greater the discounts will become!  You can earn ‘bonus beans’ reward points on every shop and monthly member special offers.

The Vegan Kind Supermarket

This supermarket also runs a vegan subscription box (either a ‘lifestyle’ or a ‘beauty’ box).  They also sell ethical clothes, bags, books, pet supplies and more.  They sell absolutely loads of natural products (yay!), but some products are more conventional so just be aware.

GreenBay Supermarket

London’s first 100% vegan supermarket.  As well as your favourite brands, you can also find products that are exclusive to GreenBay, as the store likes to support local independent companies.

Vegan Store

Over 800 cruelty-free products. The store is endorsed by The Vegan Society.  As well as food they also carry vegan shoes, clothes, bags and jewellery.


Ethica started life as a shop in Plymouth in 2014, created by three dedicated vegans – Elaine, Amelia and Mike.  It is now a blossoming online store, stocking food, fitness supplements and bodycare and soon expanding to include chilled and frozen products and skincare.  10% profits go to charity.


If you know of other 100% vegan supermarkets that deliver across the UK, please let me know and I will add them to the list!