5 Easy Plastic Free Swaps

Going plastic free feels amazing! Like a lot of people I’ve had a reusable water bottle and shopping bag for ages but up until recently I would often forget them when going out.  It’s only in the last few months that I’ve gotten serious about it and have decided to go as plastic free as possible, one step at a time.  With Plastic Free July just one sleep away I thought I’d share these 5 easy plastic free swaps.  This is where I’ve started.  Numbers 1-4 in the list below are swaps for ‘the big four’ worst offenders when it comes to single-use plastic so are great place to start when going plastic free.  Number 5 isn’t a single-use item but it’s something we buy and throw away a lot and it’s an easy change to make.  Happy reading and good luck on your own plastic free crusade!  Let’s do this!

1. Water bottles

There are so many gorgeous reusable water bottles out there now, in all sizes and colours.  Just so many great brands to choose from.  I love Klean Kanteen – every member of my family has different one!  There’s a big one for daddy, a medium one for mummy and two little ones for the kids, my youngest has one with a sippy lid (check out the photo below).  You have a big choice of lids, I’ve gone totally plastic free with mine, whilst my husband has gone for a BPA-free sports lid. I take mine whenever I’m going to be out of the house for any lengh of time as it’s so important to stay hydrated for optimum health and beauty! 😉

Klean Kanteen

2. Coffee cups

Take away coffee cups may look like they can be recycled but they are often coated with a plastic lining that makes this too complicated to be realistic in most areas. If you like your take-away coffee there are loads of reusable cup and flask options out there now (alternatively you can drink in and have a nice 10 minutes to youself in the cafe, plus maybe a cake…….mmmmm cake).  Try the ecoffee cup from The Plastic Free Shop in loads of different designs.


3. Straws

Lots of times you dont actually need a straw for your drink so just choose to refuse this wasteful item.  However, if you just plain love straws you can now get reusable straws made of stainless steel or bamboo which you can carry with you in your handbag.  Check out these multicoloured beauties at Plastic Freedom

Rainbow Straws

4. Shopping bags

Always carry a reusable cloth bag/s with you for your shopping.  Pop one in your handbag or in the boot of your car so you dont forget it.  I’m only really just getting into the swing of remembering mine.  You can also easily buy or make produce bags for loose fruit and veg at the supermarket so you dont have to use the plastic ones.  Even if they have paper produce bags (which is way better) it’s still kinda wasteful.  Check out these mesh bags from The Plastic Free Shop.  The mesh means the bag is super light and the cashier can easily see what’s inside.  Leave plastic packaged products on the shelf.


5. Toothbrushes

We each throw away a toothbrush every three months.  It is now super easy to buy bamboo toothbrushes that compost after use.  I just got our first ones a few weeks ago.  You can even get them on the highstreet, check out these bamboo toothbrushes for all the family at Boots


Throught out July as I make more progress on my own plastic free challenge, I’ll be posting more helpful tips and resources  – so subscribe to my blog or follow me on social media (at the bottom of the page) to be kept updated

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