7 Reasons to Start Cycling

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Finding the motivation to cycle isn’t always easy. Driving or taking public transport is more convenient in many cases – it’s quicker and you’ll stay dryer in the rain. However, there are many benefits to cycling that make it a worthwhile activity. Here are just 7 reasons to take up cycling.


You’ll save money


Cycling is a cheap way of getting around locally. You don’t have to pay for fuel or parking tickets, which save you a lot of money in the long run. Bicycles aren’t expensive to buy and there are plenty of good quality and affordable ones on the market. If you’re worried about your bike getting stolen or damaged, you can always take out bike insurance from a company like Velosure to pay for repairs and replacements – it’s nothing like the astronomical cost of car insurance. You may even be able to save money on repairs by learning to do your own maintenance.


You’ll save the planet


By driving less often and cycling more, you’ll lower your carbon footprint and make small steps to combating pollution. Cycling produces no emissions. Sure, there may have been some emissions released during the manufacture, but the actual running of a bike doesn’t require using any fossil fuels unlike other forms of transport. There are even companies like Roodog that sell electric bicycles that were built using eco-friendly methods.


You’ll save your skin


Cycling is also thought to reverse the effects of aging. By increasing the circulation of blood around the body, the skin receives a fresh supply of oxygen and toxins are flushed out. This helps to keep skin glowing and can stop wrinkles from forming.


It can help you lose weight


Those wanting to shift a few pounds can also benefit from cycling – it burns more calories than almost any other exercise. It’s for this reason spin classes are one of the most popular classes in gyms. Being an aerobic exercise, its very good for the heart and lungs and can help to fight fat on the inside as well as the outside.


It will keep your legs toned


You could even help to tone up your legs through cycling. The quads (the thighs) are the main muscles used during cycling, but cycling will also help to tone up those calves and glutes. This could be great if you’re trying to develop more shapely legs.


It could ward off arthritis


Cycling has also been linked to a lower chance of arthritis later on in life. This is because cycling helps to strengthen the tendons and ligaments in the joints. If you already have joint problems, you should be careful as cycling could be aggravating although slow and leisurely pedalling should be fine.


It’s good for your mind too

You could also improve your mental state by taking up cycling. Like any exercise, cycling helps to combat stress. It’s also been linked to improved cognitive function, helping to keep our ability to memorise things and rationalise long into old age.