Hi,  my name is Marie and welcome to my website, greenmarie.co.uk

I am a Virtual Assistant for ethical businesses and a Freelance Writer & Blogger on all things vegan and green!  

I try to live my life as ethical as possible whilst being a mum to two under 5’s, and indulging in my passions of all things make up, beauty and fashion.  This is a struggle!  I write about all this in my green and vegan lifestyle blog, I hope you find my posts useful.

My green journey

I have a degree in Environmental Science and worked at Friends of the Earth for 6 years. From that I learnt a lot about how important it is to have a green lifestyle not only for your own health but for the wellbeing of the planet.

I’ve now been a vegan and living a green lifestyle for 17 years.

Why I started my blog

I spend a lot of time researching green and vegan options for my family, so thought I should share my findings – my hope is that it will help you to find green practices and products that you love and save you time too!

Virtual Assistant and Writing Services

For a living I offer Virtual Assistant and Writing services to ethical businesses. Please see my Services page for more information.

Contact me today: hello@greenmarie.co.uk