Botanicals Organic Sanitiser Review

Are you looking for a hand sanitiser without all the nasty chemicals?  Looking for a more natural option for you and your family as the cold and flu season approaches?  Check out my Botanicals Organic Sanitiser review below.  It is certified organic, cruelty free, vegan and made in the UK.

Why a natural hand sanitiser?

Petroleum-based, traditional conventional hand sanitisers can be drying and irritating to the skin.  They may also contain nasty chemicals linked to hormone disruption (such as triclosan).  I certainly dont like using them so was super happy when Botanicals sent me this sanitiser to try.


Botanicals make award-winning natural, organic skincare.  They have a strict ethics policy based on personal and environmental health and well-being, and are committed to offering ecological products that are derived solely from sustainable, natural sources.  All the products and the ingredients are cruelty free and are suitable for vegans.  Their commitment to the environment is based on sustainability, producing biodegradable products and using minimalist recycled or recyclable packaging.

Organic Sanitiser

Botanicals Organic Sanitiser is 100% natural and 100% certified organic by The Soil Association.  Handmade in England, this sanitiser is made with lavender, tea tree, water and alcohol from sugar beet.  It can be used both on the hands and on the feet!  It comes in pump action plastic bottle.

My thoughts

The Organic Sanitiser sprays with a fine mist and is quickly absorbed by rubbing the hands together.  There is no residue at all.  The scent is a lovely ‘herby’ scent, certainly a million miles away from the chemical pong of conventional hand sanitisers.  I keep smelling my hands afterwards, it’s so nice!  I love spraying the sanitiser onto my feet, it’s very refreshing and cooling.  It also dries quickly on the feet allowing you to get on with your day.   The sanitiser comes in at a great price too, which is always welcome news.

I have really enjoyed using this natural sanitiser and will definately be purchasing again.

Botanicals Organic Santiser, 100ml, £7.95

Check out Botanical’s website for their full range of natural, organic skincare.