Buying plastic free organic fruit and veg

I saw a headline yesterday about the UK’s first supermarket to have a plastic free section. The Thornton Budgens in Belsize Park, London is blazing a trail that it hopes (and don’t we all) that the big supermarkets will follow.

But as it stands now I certainly find it almost impossible to find organic fruit and veg in any of my local supermarkets that isn’t wrapped in plastic. It seems bizarre that you have to choose between plastic free or organic.  Usually if someone cares about one they care about the other, and I certainly don’t want to have to choose – I want both!

So after sending an email saying as much to my closest supermarket and continuing to sign petitions to the government pushing for change, how do I get my organic fruit and veg in the meantime?

Grow your own

This is the dream.  Cutting out all packaging, pollution from transportation and a darn site cheaper than any other option, this is a great option.  If you have a big enough garden you can use for this, fab but even if you don’t you can grow loads of things on window sills (e.g herbs – making your kitchen look all cute and countrified) or in pots.

I don’t have a garden but have had great results growing strawberries and potatoes in pots on our balcony.  You can even get yourself an allotment.  The waiting lists for these can be long but I know my grandad had one and kept my family (and my 6 uncles and aunties families!) well stocked on fruit and veg for decades.  Check your local council for details.

grow your own

Farmers markets, farm shops and local veg box schemes

If you have a local organic farm you may well be able to buy from them direct, supporting their farm and saving you money as you’re cutting out the middle man.  They may have a farm shop, attend a farmers market near you or deliver fruit and veg boxes in your area. My nearest organic farm unfortunately isn’t close enough to always get my fruit and veg from there but I do pop into their shop whenever I’m in the area.

wingham country market

Plastic free, zero waste shops 

There are more and more of these popping up all the time.  I love this 100% plastic free shopping experience.  Unfortunately for me all my local ones are not organic (grrr!) but you may have better luck!  I do still buy certain non-organic food from them occasionally when buying organic would be tricky anyway.  Check out this fab post from The Zero Waster to find a zero waste shop near you.

Plastic free

National fruit and veg box schemes

This is where I get most of my organic fruit and veg from at the moment. I use Riverford and have had a great experience with them so far. They have a great range and most of their fruit and veg are plastic free (but not all, you have to check).  Such schemes deliver to most places in the UK.


So as you can see, there is no easy way at the moment to get organic fruit and veg guaranteed not to be wrapped in plastic!  How nice it would be to just pop to any local shop and buy it – hopefully that time will come and come soon!

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