Frugi organic babywear

Look no further for your organic babywear.  Pure, no-nasties clothes that are also beautiful, fun, stylish and fit over cloth nappies too.

Perfect for cloth nappies

I always knew that any children I had would wear cloth nappies.  It was one of the first green issues that came to my attention as a teenager, the mountains of disposable nappies going to landfill.  So I did my research, plumped for TotsBots, and off we set, baba 1 and I on our fluffy bum journey!

But then when baba 1 was about 3 months old I started to notice that her clothes weren’t really fitting anymore.  I bought the next size up but the arms and legs would be too long and yet still the clothes would barely go over her nappy.  I panicked.  I tried clothes from all the typical baby shops but it was all the same (except, I’ve got to say, M&S who were slightly more generously sized, but even they stopped fitting after a while).

Then one evening I went onto the TotsBots website thinking if anyone knows a clothing brand that will fit over cloth nappies they will and that’s when I found the link to Frugi.  We’ve never looked back.

Finally, clothes that fit! And not only that but organic too.  I was in heaven.  Perfect no-nasties clothes for my little baba.

Perfect for sensitive skin

When baba 2 came along Frugi came to our rescue once again.  He developed terrible eczema from just a few weeks old and I felt so thankful that I had already found Frugi.  It was a distressing time, but one made a bit less so because I knew he was already in the purest, softest baby clothes around, absolutely perfect for his condition with no chemical or artificial irritants.

Looking good!

Its not just about being green though.  Frugi clothes are absolutely gorgeous too! With fab bright colours, and fun prints and appliqués your baba will be very well turned out.  The clothes are also of the highest quality, each outfit feels special.  For any green mum, you can’t get better than that.

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