Green People – clean & green skincare

My new favourite miracle products

Green People are fabulous.  Their skincare?  Divine. Organic, largely vegan and targeted towards sensitive skins, this multi award-winning brand is bursting with natural miracle workers.  Within their range I have found most of my all time favourites, which I will list for you below, including anti-ageing gems and baby care lifesavers.  My most recent crushes are the new Beauty Boost Skin Restore and pretty much the entire Age Defy+ range.  Youth in a tube, people!

Quick note: Not all of Green People’s products are vegan but the vast majority are.  Just check the ingredients lists online before buying.  All of my favourites listed below are vegan (apart from the Soothing Baby Salve).

Beauty Boost Skin Restore

Wow.  Where do I start. It does what it says on the tin! INSTANT beautifying results.  My face looks like it does with make-up on (albeit the light, natural kind). Skin is fresh-looking, revived, skintone is evened out and glowing, redness is gone, my cheeks have a healthy pink flush.  It also balances my combination skin, and a few minutes after application I feel a reassuring gentle tightness (very much not the drying kind) that lets me know that any age-related puffiness is being whipped into shape.

I think even more important, is the effect this has on my mood.  With a 1 and a 3 year old I rarely get time to put make-up on these days, or style my hair, or often even have a shower.  That’s just how it is.  But that does take its toll on my confidence.  I look in the mirror and see my ruddy, shiny face, my puffy, sleep-deprived eyes, my unwashed hair and my practical yet not very flattering clothes and I feel a bit sad. It can put a bit of a downer on day.  But this morning was different.  I looked in the mirror and saw this fresh, radiant, rested-looking face and it buoyed me up, every time I looked in the mirror today,  I smiled 🙂

These fantastic effects only last for a few hours, as you would probably expect.  An hour after application I was still looking good, after two hours most of the effects had worn off.  However, for the rest of the day my face still looked much fresher, and more even-toned than normal, with no redness.  Fantastic.  Whether these longer-lasting results were from the Beauty Boost or from the Age Defy+ range that I have just started using, I couldn’t say!

Beauty Boost is designed to be used a few times a week as pick me up, giving the effects of a facial in an instant, although you can also just use it as your everyday moisturiser which, based on these results, is seriously tempting!

Green People Beauty Boost Skin Restore, £19

Age Defy+

I have been using this range for about a week and am very, very happy with the results.  I used to use Vita Min Fix (see below) with fantastic results, but since having my second baba and I think also due to my age (36) it was no longer giving me the results that it used to, so roll on Age Defy!

Designed for those of us 35 years plus, this is anti-aging skincare with serious punch.  I was a bit unsure of which products from the range I would need so I decided to order most of the range in trial sizes: 24 Hour Brightening Moisturiser, Cell Enrich Facial Oil, Hydrate and Renew Serum,  Purify & Hydrate Cream Cleanser, and Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator.

Luckily with my delivery of goodies came a booklet about the range which explained which products I should be using for my skin type (I have combination skin, so typically, I have to use everything!)  I used the cleanser, serum, oil, and moisturiser in the morning and when I looked in the mirror in the evening I had the fresher, more even-toned, calmer, clearer and above all younger-looking skin that I used to get with Vita Min Fix!  I was blown away.  I thought that beautiful skin was behind me.  It was in that moment that I knew I’d found my ultimate skincare brand, hopefully forever! It only took about 20 years!

I tried the exfoliator a few days later and was equally pleased.  As I have sensitive skin, exfoliators often make any dry, flakiness I have worse and I have gone whole winters with a slightly flaky face (nice) as a result, just not sure what to do.  No worries with this product.  It got rid of the flakies with no irritation.

The range also includes a Line Eraser Lip and Eye Serum which I intend purchasing immediately! There is also a Cleanse and Soothe Balm (sadly not vegan) and what looks like a fantastic Tinted DD Moisturiser SPF 15 available in 3 shades (I’ve linked to the ivory one) which would finish your skincare off a treat I’m sure but I have a sensitivity to one the ingredients so can’t try that one (extremely frustrating!)  But to be honest, being vegan and having so many sensitivities it’s a miracle that I can use most of the range as it is so I’ll count my blessings there I think!

Green People Age Defy Collection, from £20 for full sizes (smaller and trial sizes available).

My other Green People favourites

All stand-out miracle products for me and my family:

Green People Vita Min Fix Moisturiser, £17.50 -amazing, award-winning, anti-ageing moisturiser for the under 35s. Fab price too. It is the only moisturiser I’ve ever used that had obvious immediate results (excluding Age Defy+ now of course!)  I remember the morning after the first evening that I used it – I was pleasantly surprised when I looked in the mirror! A much brighter, more even toned me and not oily either. It is advertised as being for normal-dry skin but my combination skin responded very well to it.  It makes an excellent base for make up and I mixed it with a drop of their SPF 30 sunscreen when used during the day for full, year round protection.

Neutral scent-free hand and body lotion, £18 – When baba 2 was born, so began the inevitable massive increase in hand washing that comes when caring for a newborn. It was also winter. The combination meant that my hands became increasingly dry and cracked and eventually red and sore. I think it brought on dermatitis. This was despite using gentle hand washes and plenty of green hand cream.  So my search began for new green hand creams to try. But each one seemed to make it worse and stung like crazy. Eventually I found this. What a miracle! After just one day of using it my dermatitis was gone and hands were soft and soothed. Wow.

Green People Soothing Baby Salve, £10.50 – when baba 2 was 2 months old he was diagnosed with eczema. It quickly became severe and covered his whole body. Anyone with a baby with eczema will know how distressing a condition it is for both mother and baby.  Because baba 2 was so young when diagnosed we were told by our doctor that the only treatment available to him was intense moisturising with any moisturiser, so we chose a green product over the free, petrochemical-based, prescription option.  However, all the creams I tried just made it worse, until I tried Green People’s Baby Soothing Salve. Not only did it not aggravate his eczema, it actively soothed it. It took a while but slowly his eczema improved every day until now he only has the odd patch and I know this cream is a big part of the reason why. Now that baba 2 is bigger he has a prescribed steroid cream for his occasional flare-ups but we still continue to use the Soothing Baby Salve as his daily moisturiser.  Please note, the salve is not vegan.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. It is important that any suspected case of eczema is taken to a doctor for a diagnosis and that you work with your doctor to manage the condition, following their instructions for treatment.  Eczema is notoriously different for every sufferer. No one treatment plan or cream works for everyone. It is a case of trial and error until you find something that works for you