Kitchen cupboard beauty treatments

Kitchen cupboard beauty treatments

Save money and look great with these super easy diy recipes

Here are three kitchen cupboard beauty treatments that work way better for me than anything I’ve ever bought (and I’ve bought a mountain of expensive/luxury products in my time!)

I know three isn’t very many but I just want to list the real winners here, the ones that for me, not only rival but actually out perform every shop bought version I have tried.  This makes them something of a holy grail in my opinion:

  • olive oil as a pre-shampoo hair mask – makes hair so soft and shiny!
  • olive oil and sugar as a body scrub – legs super soft!
  • porridge oats in water as facial scrub – very messy and feels like it’s doing nothing when using it, but it totally gets rid of winter flakies and calms my rosacea too, bonus!

Super cheap, quick and easy beauty fixes – fantastic!