Mineral powder foundation for problem skin

The natural make up solution for problem skin

An excellent choice for the natural beauty, mineral powder foundation beats all other types hands down (for me anyway!) Perhaps if you have really good skin a tinted moisturiser might be better but if you have any problems at all – sensitivity, acne, pigmentation, rosacea, uneven skin tone to name but a few, or if you only have 2 minutes to do your make up in the mornings then definitely check out this stuff, it’s my make up miracle!

It’s quick and easy to apply – these days I’m lucky if I have any time to put make up on at all, and if I do have a moment, it is just that! Five minutes tops (maybe 10 for special occasions!) With mineral foundation you just tap a tiny amount of the powder into the pot lid, swirl your make-up brush into it, tap off any excess, and swirl it on your face. Airbrushed perfection in seconds. Magic!

Acts as a foundation, concealer and finishing powder in one – therefore speeding up your entire make up routine and saving you money too.

No cakeyness, no streaks – As long as you stick to golden rule of only putting a tiny bit on the brush, mineral foundation is basically fool-proof, and you can be as slapdash and quick as you like and it still looks great. It’s impossible to get streaks or for it to be cakey. If after the first application you think you need more coverage you can add another tiny bit to the brush and build it up. But just one application is usually enough for me for day-to-day.

Natural radiance – People think (understandably) that mineral foundation will be powdery. But the product melts into the skin on application and gives a lovely natural glow. These days you can get different finishes if you like. I know that at bareMinerals you can have a natural or a matt finish, depending on the foundation you choose.

Feels like nothing on the skin – Make up can feel like a mask, feeling tight or heavy on skin. I’m reminded of this if I go for a make-over at a conventional make-up brand counter. You can’t feel mineral make up on the skin, well I can’t anyway. My face feels the same as it does with no make up on.

Allows skin to breathe and improves skin condition with wear – great for sensitive or problem skin. Minerals are naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, improving problem skin as you wear it.

100% natural (if you get the right brand!) – This is worth mentioning. Not all mineral foundations are alike. Some, especially from conventional brands, have chemical fillers, silicone, etc added. If you are a natural beauty and want to enjoy the benefits of the 100% natural versions as listed here then go for brands like Inika or bareMinerals.  See clean and green beauty directory for more info.

Perfect, natural looking coverage for rosacea, acne, uneven skin tone – I like to swap to tinted moisturisers and liquid foundations sometimes because I like the idea of them but they never cut it where my skin is concerned. I have mild rosacea and some pigmentation and general effect is a bit of a mottled face! I find it very difficult to get adequate yet natural looking coverage with liquid products, and certainly not within a small timeframe.

Whenever I’ve had my face made up with liquid products at conventional beauty counters my face looks way more ‘made-up’ than with mineral powder foundation. It always looks mask-like, heavy, cakey, and ironically more powdery than the mineral powder foundation.

The only time I’ve had a good effect with liquid products was on my wedding day and the make up artist spent absolutely ages on my make up to make it perfect for my big day, as you would hope! I certainly don’t have that kind of time on my hands.

All in all an excellent foundation for the natural beauty in a rush or with problem skin, or if you’re just looking for a beautiful natural radiance without that overly ‘made up’ look