Plastic Free and Zero Waste Makeup from Lush

Although I am quite early on in my plastic free journey, I realised quite quickly that beauty products were going to be a hard area to crack down on.  Although I have already started to look for plastic free and zero waste options, I still have a loooong way to go.  So I was super excited to see the release recently of Lush’s plastic free foundation!  Read on to find out more about plastic free and zero waste makeup from Lush.  These are all vegan, mostly natural products but with some synthetics, all of which score no more than 1-2 in the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database meaning they are of low hazard to human health.


Lush Slap Stick Foundation
Credit: Lush

So, Lush have just lauched their plastic-free foundation!  This is something I have not heard of from any other brand to date except Zao  who use mostly bamboo packaging.  The foundation is a solid egg shape, partially dipped in a peelable wax so you can hold it.  It comes packaged in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box just to stop it getting damaged.  Lush aren’t always 100% natural, but I love their stance on packaging and their constant innovations to reduce it – they hope one day that all their products will be packaging free.  Their foundation Slap Stick is a vegan, mostly natural product with a few synthetics towards the bottom on the ingredients list.  The foundation is medium coverage and comes in a very impressive 40 shades and caters for warm, cool and neutral skin tones.

Lip blocks

Lush lip block
Credit: Lush

These georgeous little blocks come in recycled and recyclable cardboard packing to protect them and that’s it. You can use the little well in the middle of the block to mix shades together and make your own customised shade.  They do three blocks ‘shades of pink’, ‘shades of red’ and ‘shades of nude’.

Eyebrow crayons

Like the crayons you draw with when you’re a kid, these are wax crayons with a paper wrapper.  They are made with 100% traceable, Fair Trade cocoa butter.  They are three shades – Rouge, Brun and Blonde.

Buying makeup without plastic casing and packaging is tough, but as you can see there are some options out there and hopefully there will be much more to come ?