Postnatal exercise diary – part 1

After deciding that I will finally get fit following the birth of my second baba over a year ago (see my exercise intro) here is my progress after the first week of doing basic postnatal exercises 🙂

Day 1

I have woken with a rotten cold, obviously. I do believe this is cold #9 that the family has been blessed with since baba 1 went back to nursery in September. I feel amazing. I actually forget about the exercise pact until husband reads blog post and reminds me. Thanks Hun.

Start by doing pelvic floor exercises whilst slumped on sofa like a boneless fish. Then do a few minutes of weights whilst watching Bing and baba 2 preoccupies himself tearing up one of my snotty tissues. I am more eager to do the weights as I have new, smaller 1kg ones, because I don’t want to end up with big man shoulders (as if I would ever exercise enough for that to happen – a bit deluded there I think).

Forget to do bum clenches whilst brushing teeth, thanks to the morning fug, so do them later on whilst doing the washing up, and listening to Katy Perry. Particularly liking ‘teenage dream’ at the moment – anyone that knows me knows that my cultural tastes are a bit stunted – I’m 37. No 36 (mentally about 107 thanks to endless sleep deprivation).

Totally nailed the stomach exercises. Go Marie!

Day 2

Totally forget about exercising until 2:00pm. I’m not in a position to do it now as having to look after both babas. Forget again until 4.30pm, when let’s face it, there’s absolutely no chance of doing anything for myself as we enter the crazy time of day that is dinner then bedtime. Forget again until 7.10pm when settling baba 1 to sleep. Usually the brief siesta between settling the babas to sleep and baba 2 waking up again (usually 1-2 hours) is MY time. Not looking forward to exercising during my time, however brief. Forget again until 7.45pm when I’ve just settled on the sofa. Shit. Oh well here goes. At least if I do it now, I can eat my evening snack (a mountain of toast) guilt-free. Start with pelvic floor exercises on the sofa as per yesterday. Crawl onto the floor to do stomach exercises in my fluffy dressing gown. Get hot very quickly but no point taking it off I will be done soon. Skip weights because I don’t think you’re supposed to do them on two consecutive days. Do bum clenches whilst making toast to save what precious me time I have left. I totally rule.

Day 3

Sunday! No exercise, no way. Yippee!

Day 4

I’m realising quite quickly that exercising when looking after both children is mission impossible, even just this little bit. I should have better luck on the days when baba 1 is in nursery. It is 10pm before I frantically run through the exercises. Husband thinks I’m demented.

Day 5

Erm, baba 1 at nursery but still forget to exercise, or remember at awkward moments when I can’t do it. Can’t even do it late because I spend all evening trying to get overtired and screaming baba 2 to sleep.

Day 6

Actually do a lot of walking today on morning out at the seaside. I’m up and down cliff paths, pushing the buggy and climbing through play park castles like a champ. Do all exercises at 7pm. I rule!

Day 7

Erm, totally forget.

Week in review

I exercised for more days than I did not, so that’s a win in my book! However, I’m coming to the unwelcome conclusion that the only time I can realistically do exercises most days is in the evenings during my precious ‘me time’.  Oh well, no use moping, let’s crack onto week 2!  This week I’m going to up my game a bit on the old abs and add in a babycentre core workout to my daily(ish) exercises, babycentre postnatal exercise videos

Are you struggling to exercise now you have children? Fancy joining me in my efforts? Would love to hear from you