Reducing Plastic in Your Business

Collaborative post

Everyone knows what a huge problem plastic is, and that really we all ought to stop using it. As always, this will start with the businesses that make the goods, as if they do not use it to manufacture, the rest of us will not be buying it. This is going to take a long time to happen, but in the meantime, there are some things you could do to reduce the amount of plastic your business uses.

Plastic Straws

As a nation, we dispose of millions of plastic straws every day. That is a lot of waste that cannot be recycled and will not degrade. The answer is very simple really. Make sure your canteen or staffroom only has paper straws, and ban plastic ones from the premises.

The same applies to plastic cups.  So often they are used for convenience but create so much rubbish for landfill sites that it is frightening.  Paper cups are available in different thicknesses and sizes, depending on whether hot or cold drinks will be served in them. There are even branded paper cups, which can be a great way to promote your brand. There really is no need to use plastic for drinks anymore.

Packaging Materials

How many times have you seen pre-made sandwiches covered in a plastic film, which is less than green? How do you package any goods you send out or serve? If more businesses stopped using plastic products as packaging material, the use of it would drop dramatically. The trouble is that the wrapping is taken off and put straight in the bin At least if you have a plastic sandwich box you will use it for years, but plastic wrapping is one of the biggest wastes of all time.

Find an alternative wrapping for your products, there are plenty of them to choose from.

Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles would not be so bad if you could use them many times. However, the water inside them affects the plastic and it starts to produce toxins once the air and water mix after the bottle has been opened. For this reason, they should never be refilled, which means all the millions of water bottles sold every year are pure waste.

Plastic water bottles and plastic straws are the two items that are found most often in the oceans. This is damaging the fish that live in the sea, and causing untold numbers of them to suffer and die.  Using reusable steel or glass bottles is a great idea as they can be refilled as often as you want.


Every business has at least one toilet. Don’t buy the plastic bottles of hand soaps, for instance. Buy a refillable soap dispenser instead. Not only are the more eco-friendly, they will cost you less money in the long run.

That applies to many of the things that have been mentioned. Because plastic is not renewable, it is not the cheapest product to produce. If you use paper, glass or cans that can all be recycled, the financial cost is less, as well as the cost to the planet.