Skin Elixir Bisou Perfume Review


Are you looking for a new scent for summer?  Worried about the possible health problems that conventional perfumes may cause? Check out my Skin Elixir Bisou Perfume review below.  It is 100% natural, organic and vegan.


Why a natural perfume?

I don’t think its a secret these days that conventional perfumes are dripping in chemicals and sometimes hundreds of chemicals are used to create a scent.  Even more worrying is that these chemicals do not need to be disclosed on the ingredients label.  It has been scientifically proven that many ingredients used in synthetic fragrances have been linked to many nasty health problems including cancer and hormone disruption.


Skin Elixir

I was so excited when the lovely people at Skin Elixir sent me their beautiful Bisou perfume to review.  Skin Elixir is a luxury, 100% natural and organic beauty brand that makes skincare and perfumes.  All their products are handmade, vegan and made with no added water.


Bisou Perfume

Bisou, meaning ‘kiss’ is the second perfume from Skin Elixir.  The scent is described as ‘a deliciously scented handmade blend of the finest organic and wild-crafted oils. The harmony of sharp grapefruit with the extraordinary yet exotic, both hypnotically masculine and feminine scent of Ylang Ylang, creates an absorbingly nourishing and loving scent.’  The rollerball applicator is decorated with a delicate design of pink and gold, with gorgeous little butterfies.


The scent – my thoughts

I always test a perfume before reading anything about it so that my review isn’t shaped by what I read.  Firstly I applied the scent to a testing wand and then waited a few minutes.  My first impressions of Bisou are of a fresh, herby, summery, scent which reminds me of sunshine and beautiful gardens.  There is a slight peppery scent as well which I’m not so fond of.


On the skin the peppery scent drops right back and a new floral sweetness appears that I hadn’t noticed previously.  When I close my eyes I imagine its a summers day and I’m on a romantic visit to a beautiful mansion in the county, standing in an opulently decorated room with its doors flung open onto a stunning garden……ahhhhhh 🙂


There’s so many layers to it though.  After wearing it for about ten minutes the sweetness drops back a bit and the scent is a bit more mystical, even ‘witchy’ (in a good way – reminiscent of the scents in witchcraft shops but more delicate).  I have fond memories of those type of shops so I’m liking this perfume very much.


The scent is beautifully complex and I instantly feel happy every time I breath it in (I’m wearing it on my wrists, and keep going in for another hit).  As with most natural perfumes you do have to reapply it quite frequently to keep the scent topped up, but the bottle is perfect size for your handbag so no problems there.


In summary this is definately a scent I will continue to wear, especially on romantic days out.


Bisou 100% Natural, Organic, Therapeutic Perfume, 10ml, £20.00


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