Skin Elixir Sangfroid Perfume Review

Are you looking for a natural perfume?  Worried about the possible health problems that conventional perfumes may cause? Check out my Skin Elixir Sangfroid Perfume review below.  It is a unisex scent, 100% natural, organic and vegan.

Why a natural perfume?

I don’t think its a secret these days that conventional perfumes are dripping in chemicals and sometimes hundreds of chemicals are used to create a scent.  Even more worrying is that these chemicals do not need to be disclosed on the ingredients label.  It has been scientifically proven that many ingredients used in synthetic fragrances have been linked to many nasty health problems including cancer and hormone disruption.

Choosing perfumes is tough!

I’ve been looking for a natural perfume for ages!  When I tried natural perfumes many years ago they always smelt very samey – that simple ‘essential oil’ scent of either roses, lavender etc which is lovely in its own way but the sort of smell you find everywhere.  Most importantly those scents just aren’t ‘me’.  A perfume is a very personal thing and it has to be exactly right.  You want it to smell absolutely divine to you and to basically represent your soul to others in scent form!

Most natural perfumes are available exclusively online and most it seems do not offer a sample service.  Given how hard it is to guess if you will like a perfume just from the description (impossible basically), and the expense of the product, this has put me off trying any natural perfumes for many years now.  But still I hoped……..

Skin Elixir

When the lovely people at Skin Elixir sent me their beautiful Sangfroid perfume to review I was quite frankly ecstatic!  Skin Elixir is a luxury, 100% natural and organic beauty brand that makes skincare and perfumes.  All their products are handmade, vegan and made with no added water.

Sangfroid Perfume

Sangfroid, meaning ‘grace under pressure’ is the first perfume from Skin Elixir (which now has a second fragrance called Bisou).  It was ‘inspired by a quest to develop a mesmerising fragrance with unisex appeal’.

The scent is described as a ‘warm, comforting, sensual and sexy perfume ….. base notes anchoring the scent of Balsam de Peru (rich-vanilla like, earthy, fresh, balsamic aroma), Frankincense (woody, fresh hints of spice and fruit, calming aroma), Myrrh (smoky scent and a yellow/orange shade), Vanilla Absolute (rich sweet vanilla aroma) and a hint of Patchouli (fresh fruit-like tones, warm and earthy), accented by a sweet top note of Orange (sweet tangy aroma) and middle note of Geranium (sweet and lingering). 

The perfume is packaged in a decadently designed black and gold bottle with a rollerball applicator.  I adore the scents of vanilla (my absolute favourite) and frankincense.  I am a bit worried that it is a unisex scent as I generally like feminine scents (though not necessarily girly) and haven’t really like unisex scents in the past.

Sniffing the applicator directly I can smell the vanilla (brilliant) and a sort of peppery scent (which I don’t really like).  I apply it to a testing wand a wait a few minutes.  The vanilla seems to have dropped back a bit and the peppery scent is more prominent.

However, when applying the perfume to my inner wrists the vanilla comes to the front again, a lovely sweetness and the peppery scent drops back, turning into more of a subtle smoky scent underneath it all.  I’m liking it much more on me than on the testing wand.

The balance of different scents is excellent and I feel very comforted by the scent.  Closing my eyes (bear with me!) I see a wooden cabin in a forest, smoke drifting from the chimney and a big strong man cuddling me!  Obviously my subconscious is categorising this as more of a male scent!  The type of man it makes me think of is a strong, capable, outdoorsy type. Lovely.

In summary I adore this scent, but not for me, for my husband 🙂

Sangfroid 100% Natural, Organic, Therapeutic Perfume, 10ml, £20.00

Check out Skin Elixir’s website for their full range of perfumes, moisturisers and facial oils


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