The ultimate green mum dress

Beauty meets practicality

I think we all struggle to find clothes that:

  • look good and
  • are practical and
  • are comfortable

To find clothes that are environmentally friendly as well – pretty much impossible. But I have found the ultimate green mum dress – this dress does it all!  


Picked up at a charity shop several years ago for £2 (see my post how to have a green wardrobe for more about buying clothes) it was of a design that I had wanted for years but could not find in any high street shops – a green, leaf/flower pattern, pull-on style sun dress. You can imagine my excitement when I saw it in the window of the charity shop, I whizzed straight in. And it was my size too. It was meant to be.

It looks so pretty on and being clingy at the bust but loose everywhere else makes my post-2-babies body look fab.  The design disguises the tum and is generally slimming.  Being 100% cotton, it is so light and comfortable for general running around after children and the elastic ruched top makes breast feeding a breeze. It doesn’t ride up or slide down or in any other way expose bits me as I rush around doing mum stuff that generally involves a lot of bending over, crawling around on the floor and having children crawling all over you. As I write this I realise it is the only outfit I have that doesn’t do anything annoying like that.

It is quite faded now, and as I write this I realise that one of the strap adjustment clips is broken – I think I must make it a priority to buy more ruched-top dresses, before this one disintegrates!