Weleda Lip Balm Berry Red Review

Autumn is upon us!  The season of the berry lip.  But it’s hard for most of us to wear a red lip on a daily basis.  Not only is it a high maintenance look but it’s also sometimes ‘a bit much’ for everyday when you’re scooting round the supermarket or doing the school run.  But if you’re anything like me (which I suspect you are if you’re reading a beauty blog!) then you still want to change up your look for the new season.  So what to do?  Well, this offering from Weleda is a perfect alternative to a full red lip.  Read on for my full Weleda Lip Balm Berry Red Review.


Weleda needs no introduction to many – a long time giant in the natural beauty world, and makers of some cult classics such as the mighty Skin Food, Weleda produces 100% natural products that are also mostly organic or biodynamic.  Weleda is truely an ethical company at every level.  To read about their many fabulous principles in detail, check out their website.

Lip Balm Berry Red

Now I’ve red a lot of reviews about Weleda’s Tinted Lip Balm range (there are three colours – a nude, a pink and a red) and I always knew I’d love the Berry Red – it’s just my colour.  The arrival of autumn seemed the perfect time to try it out.  The lip balm comes in a recycled plastic tube with a plastic applicator.  I’m not sure if the tube is easily recyclable (e.g. in curbside recycling – check locally) but I’m pretty sure Terracycle can recycle these type of tubes.

Straight away I really like the scent, it’s natural and very ‘Weleda’ if that makes sense!  The lip balm glides on beautifully leaving a hint of healthy colour and shine.  It is the most pigmented tinted lip balm I have come across and I found it can be layered for more intense colour and shine, looking more like a gloss.  It certainly lends itself to my favourite type of look – fresh, polished and healthy and the berry tint is perfect for autumn/winter.

If there are any downsides at all it would be that the lip balm can initally be a bit sticky if you put a lot on but that goes away after about five minutes and your lips are left nice and smooth, so its not much of a downside really at all.

With regards to how long the lip balm lasts once on – I found the initial shine fades after about 45 mins but the colour and a healthy sheen is long-lasting.  Multiple appications are a pleasure though, with its 100% natural formulation and no chemical nasties.

Weleda Lip Balm Berry Red, 10ml, £6.95

Check out Weleda’s website for their extensive range of beauty and holistic products

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